CompTIA A+ 220-900

CompTIA A+ 2016 900 series

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CompTIA A+ is approved as an IA baseline certifications for the IA workforce as part of the IA Workforce Improvement Program (DoD 8570.01-M) and is included in the State Department Skills Incentive Program


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* Dynamic practice tests provide links to training content — if a student answers a question wrongly, they can go straight to the topic and learn about areas of weakness.

** gtslearning’s Lab Manual contains instructions on labs to be carried out on equipment in the classroom as part of instructor led training. Live Practice Labs are different, they provide online access to real equipment for self study.

*** Classroom Live Labs from Learn on Demand are a time-efficient and cost-effective way of giving classroom students access to real equipment without the need for expensive kit or setup resource. More about Classroom Live Labs.

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CompTIA A+ products

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CompTIA A+ Certification: 220-901, 220-902 key facts

CompTIA A+ Certification is recognized worldwide as the de facto standard for entry-level computer technicians. CompTIA A+ Certification opens the door to an exciting career in computing technology at an affordable price for the learner.

More than one million people across the globe have certified with CompTIA A+ Certification.

CompTIA A+ Certification can also provide a gateway to new markets for education providers as it is easy to deliver with relatively low setup costs.

Exam facts:

  • Two multiple-choice and performance-based exams:
  • 220-901 (pass score 675 on scale of 100-900)
  • 220-902 (pass score 700 on scale of 100-900)
  • Maximum of 90 questions in each exam
  • 90 minute duration for each exam
  • Available in English