CompTIA CSA+ Cybersecurity Analyst

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csaplus-mockcoverLearning materials for the new CompTIA CSA+

gtslearning is excited to support the new CompTIA CSA+ (Cybersecurity Analyst) exam launching in early 2017 with a brand new course and revision tools.

Modern network security demands skilled professionals with the ability to apply analytics to network behaviour and detect the sort of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that pose such a risk to information assurance and systems integrity.

The CSA+ exam tests the ability of security specialists with around four years’ experience of threat intelligence and vulnerability analysis. gtslearning’s CSA+ Study Guide will prepare students for the exam by providing 100% coverage of the exam objectives.

gtslearning’s hands-on course supporting CSA+ certification will teach students the fundamentals of using threat and vulnerability detection tools, providing effective incident response, and performing digital forensics. All content will be subject to CompTIA’s Approved Quality Curriculum (CAQC) process after the exam has launched in February 2017.

The course will be available as a printed book, downloadable eBook and as online learning and will be supported with comprehensive resources for instructors and exam practice tools for students.