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All about our CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 Trainer in a Box

Our CompTIA CAQC-approved learning materials are tried and tested and have been used by training centers across the globe since the late 1990s. Now, Trainer in a Box brings all our tools and resources together in one simple package. Includes resources for trainers only — student books, eBooks and online learning available separately.

  • CompTIA CAQC-approved courseware
  • Instructor Skillpipe eBook with full course content
    •  1 volume: 376 printed pages (or equivalent for Skillpipe)
  • Online learning and practice tests – 12 months access to our full online course content and practice exams
  • Practice labs — one key giving 12 months access to CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 online practice labs
  • All trainer resources for CompTIA IT Fundamentals including:
    • Classroom setup guide
    • Lab setup files
    • PowerPoint slides
    • Course timetable

Please note that all components for CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 Trainer in a Box are also available as individual products.

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Target Audience

This course will prepare you to take the FC0-U51 exam to obtain the IT Fundamentals certification and help you to learn some of the basic principles and techniques of providing PC support.

Course Prerequisites

Some experience with using a keyboard and mouse would be helpful but is not essential

Module 1 / Operating Systems and Software

  • Computers and Operating Systems • Information Technology • Personal Computers (PC) • Functions of an Operating System • Types of Operating System • Microsoft Windows • Apple Mac OS X and iOS and Blackberry • Linux, Chrome, and Android
  • Setting up a Workstation and Using Windows • Setting up a PC System • Ergonomic Concepts • Navigating an OS • Using Input Devices • Icons and Windows • File Explorer and Control Panel • Using a Web Browser • Exercises / Setting Up the Computer / Exploring the Start Screen / Exploring the Desktop and Taskbar
  • Installing and Configuring Windows • Installing Windows • Completing Setup • Managing User Accounts • Exercises / Managing User Accounts
  • Software Applications • Installing and Configuring Software • Managing Software • Productivity Software • Collaboration Software • Specialized Software • Utility Software • Virtualization • Exercises / Managing Software Applications
  • Troubleshooting and Support • Support and Troubleshooting • Getting Support • Using a Search Engine • Exercises / Using a Search Engine

Module 2 / Computer Hardware

  • Input Devices • Computer Connector Types • Input Devices • Installing and Uninstalling Peripherals • Configuring Peripherals • Exercises / Configuring an Input Device
  • Output Devices • Video Cards • Display Devices • Display Connectors and Cable Types • Display Settings • Multimedia Ports and Devices • Exercises / Playing Audio
  • Storage Devices • Hard Disk Drives • Optical Discs and Drives • Flash Memory • Exercises / Adding a Removable Drive
  • File Management • Managing the File System • Folders • Files • Searching for Folders and Files • Exercises / File Explorer / Creating, Renaming, and Copying Folders and Files / View Options and Search / Compressing Files / Deleting and Recycling Files
  • Printers and Scanners • Printer Types • Laser Printers • Inkjet Printers • Thermal Transfer Printers • Printer Interfaces • Installing and Configuring a Printer • Scanners • Fax Modems • Exercises / Using a Printer
  • System Components • Selecting a Computer • Motherboard Components • Processors • System Memory • Expansion Bus • System Cooling • Exercises / Specifying PC Systems
  • Environment and Power • ESD Precautions • Device Placement • Power Supply Units • Energy Efficiency • Power Protection • Safe Disposal and Recycling • Exercises / Adjusting Power Options

Module 3 / Networks and Security

  • Setting Up a Network • Network Components • TCP/IP • Setting up a Local Network • Setting Up a Wireless Network • Exercises / Network Settings
  • Sharing and Storage • Windows Client Software • Local Sharing and Storage • Hosted Sharing and Storage • Backups • Exercises / Homegroups and File Sharing
  • Mobile Devices • Using a Mobile Device • Mobile Applications and App Stores • Network Connectivity • Email Configuration • Synchronization and Data Transfer • Bluetooth and NFC
  • Basic Security Threats • Computer Security Basics • Malware • Preventing Malware Infections • Patch Management • Exercises / Using Windows Defender and Windows Update
  • Security Best Practices • Spam • Social Engineering • Hardware Theft and Device Hardening • Managing User Authentication • User Education
  • Web Browsing Best Practices • Using Free / Open Networks • Configuring Web Browser Security • Managing Plug-ins • Digital Certificates and Anti-phishing • Managing Cookies and PII • Enabling a Firewall • Exercises / Web Security / Installing a Plug-in

Index, Exam Tips, Career Advice

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