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Our CompTIA CAQC-approved learning materials are tried and tested and have been used by training centers across the globe since the late 1990s.

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  • Prepares for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 exam
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CompTIA IT Fundamentals is aimed at those considering a career in IT and computer-related fields. Consequently, there are no special prerequisites for you to meet to successfully start this course. We have made the assumption that you don’t know much about how computers or software work, or even how to use them. Some experience with using a keyboard and mouse will be helpful but is not essential.

This course will prepare you to take the FC0-U51 exam to obtain the IT Fundamentals certification and help you to learn some of the basic principles and techniques of providing PC support.


How are the learning materials delivered?

gtslearning’s CompTIA IT Fundamentals courseware is delivered as printed spiral-bound manuals or as a Skillpipe eBook.

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Optional Practice Labs

CompTIA IT Fundamentals is available with optional Practice Labs.

Accessed through a web browser with no complicated software to install, our Practice Labs are a great way to perfect your understanding of practical concepts and tasks. Once logged in, you will get access to real, live equipment to try out your skills.

Our labs are a great way to prepare for the new performance-based exam questions in the CompTIA IT Fundamentals exams.

Students will get 12 months access to the labs and instant activation.

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What’s included?

 Printed coursewareSkillpipe eBooks
CompTIA CAQC-approved
Study guide
Lab manual
Integrated Professor Messer videos
End of section practice tests
Complete practice exam


Pre- and post- course assessments
Classroom setup guide
Classroom lab setup files and disk images


Optional Self-Study Online Labs**
Optional Classroom Online Labs***
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Target Audience

This course will prepare you to take the FC0-U51 exam to obtain the IT Fundamentals certification and help you to learn some of the basic principles and techniques of providing PC support.

Course Prerequisites

Some experience with using a keyboard and mouse would be helpful but is not essential

Module 1 / Operating Systems and Software

  • Computers and Operating Systems • Information Technology • Personal Computers (PC) • Functions of an Operating System • Types of Operating System • Microsoft Windows • Apple Mac OS X and iOS and Blackberry • Linux, Chrome, and Android
  • Setting up a Workstation and Using Windows • Setting up a PC System • Ergonomic Concepts • Navigating an OS • Using Input Devices • Icons and Windows • File Explorer and Control Panel • Using a Web Browser • Exercises / Setting Up the Computer / Exploring the Start Screen / Exploring the Desktop and Taskbar
  • Installing and Configuring Windows • Installing Windows • Completing Setup • Managing User Accounts • Exercises / Managing User Accounts
  • Software Applications • Installing and Configuring Software • Managing Software • Productivity Software • Collaboration Software • Specialized Software • Utility Software • Virtualization • Exercises / Managing Software Applications
  • Troubleshooting and Support • Support and Troubleshooting • Getting Support • Using a Search Engine • Exercises / Using a Search Engine

Module 2 / Computer Hardware

  • Input Devices • Computer Connector Types • Input Devices • Installing and Uninstalling Peripherals • Configuring Peripherals • Exercises / Configuring an Input Device
  • Output Devices • Video Cards • Display Devices • Display Connectors and Cable Types • Display Settings • Multimedia Ports and Devices • Exercises / Playing Audio
  • Storage Devices • Hard Disk Drives • Optical Discs and Drives • Flash Memory • Exercises / Adding a Removable Drive
  • File Management • Managing the File System • Folders • Files • Searching for Folders and Files • Exercises / File Explorer / Creating, Renaming, and Copying Folders and Files / View Options and Search / Compressing Files / Deleting and Recycling Files
  • Printers and Scanners • Printer Types • Laser Printers • Inkjet Printers • Thermal Transfer Printers • Printer Interfaces • Installing and Configuring a Printer • Scanners • Fax Modems • Exercises / Using a Printer
  • System Components • Selecting a Computer • Motherboard Components • Processors • System Memory • Expansion Bus • System Cooling • Exercises / Specifying PC Systems
  • Environment and Power • ESD Precautions • Device Placement • Power Supply Units • Energy Efficiency • Power Protection • Safe Disposal and Recycling • Exercises / Adjusting Power Options

Module 3 / Networks and Security

  • Setting Up a Network • Network Components • TCP/IP • Setting up a Local Network • Setting Up a Wireless Network • Exercises / Network Settings
  • Sharing and Storage • Windows Client Software • Local Sharing and Storage • Hosted Sharing and Storage • Backups • Exercises / Homegroups and File Sharing
  • Mobile Devices • Using a Mobile Device • Mobile Applications and App Stores • Network Connectivity • Email Configuration • Synchronization and Data Transfer • Bluetooth and NFC
  • Basic Security Threats • Computer Security Basics • Malware • Preventing Malware Infections • Patch Management • Exercises / Using Windows Defender and Windows Update
  • Security Best Practices • Spam • Social Engineering • Hardware Theft and Device Hardening • Managing User Authentication • User Education
  • Web Browsing Best Practices • Using Free / Open Networks • Configuring Web Browser Security • Managing Plug-ins • Digital Certificates and Anti-phishing • Managing Cookies and PII • Enabling a Firewall • Exercises / Web Security / Installing a Plug-in

Index, Exam Tips, Career Advice

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